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About Basco Engineered Products

Whether your project is an easy-to-install product or a stylish, customized solution – Basco Engineered Products can help ensure success and provide you with all you need. When you choose BEP, you have the power to illuminate your spaces and transform environments that exceed expectations.

Basco Engineered Products is a subsidiary of Basco Manufacturing, a leader in custom shower doors and enclosures based in Mason, Ohio. Formerly Addis Glass, BEP offers the opportunity for complete vertical control over quality of tempered glass, faster reaction times to customer demands for Basco products – and shared resources for both entities that deliver a better overall customer experience. Since being acquired by Basco Manufacturing, BEP has grown at an exponential rate – in incremental sales growth and nearly triple the number of employees.

The team at BEP has an extensive amount of glass industry experience, which translates to a unique understanding of meeting a variety of project challenges that come with the territory. Flexibility, speed, quality and unmatched support on the project are pillars that every BEP customer receives as part of doing business.

“We get it and we know our role”, says Gary Brown, Plant Manager at BEP. “Our team is focused everyday on the project success factors that our customers are focused on. By knowing what they’re concerned with and us thinking like our customers, we structure the product quality, work flow and service at BEP to support those same factors. It’s our number one job.”

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